5 Ways Businesses Can Optimize Social Data

5 Ways Businesses Can Optimize Social Data

Social networks have grown by leaps and bounds, and will continue to do so in the coming years. With so much social media data to sift through, businesses have come to depend on listening platforms more heavily before drawing up any new marketing programs. Such software tools enable us to capture, manage, and analyze social data accurately, and there’s no denying that it is a rich source of information. However, few marketers know exactly how to use the data to their full advantage. Here’s how you can maximize the data you’ve gathered from listening platforms.

  1. Use social data to help you draft an effective brand message.

The data you gather from your listening platforms and online communities is a great resource for helping you create a message that will resonate with your customers and potential clients. Let the data from social media guide how your message comes across your target audience. Because consumers trust fellow consumer’s views more than any other sources of information, this type of positive social content to inform your next marketing campaigns.

  1. Use it to improve upon your current media plan.

An effective media plan ensures that advertisements and marketing campaigns reach their intended target audience. You probably have a few reliable staples in your current roster – a few sites and online communities that perform well for you on a consistent basis. However don’t discount other networks that on the surface, might appear not to be viable social media sites, but upon close inspection (based on social data), are actually usable. That’s what happened with Microsoft after analyzing their social data – forums dedicated to cars and fishing talked about computers a lot, so these sites became part of their media plan.

  1. Find your key influencers through social data.

You can easily find your key influencers by thoroughly analyzing your listening platforms. Such tools will help you identify your key people from peer to peer impressions, consumers, and other forums that hold active discussions about your brand or business.

  1. React to your audience appropriately.

See out where discussions about your product or service are taking place, and use them to fuel conversations about your brand. Whether positive or not, social data keeps you informed about what types of discussions are taking place surrounding your business, and this will put you in a better position to react in an intelligent, informed manner.

  1. Avoid using social data as you sole measure of brand impact.

Here are three reasons why it’s not a good idea: first, social data captures a small percentage of your target audience; second, it is based on unstructured and non-comparable inputs; and finally, listening tools often misclassify comments. These reasons make social data an incomplete and not entirely reliable source that doesn’t always put data in the proper context, thus making it an unreliable measurement of how your marketing campaigns have impacted brand perception.

Social data is an invaluable resource that if used correctly and within the proper context, will help marketers succeed in their ongoing and future programs.

Social media isn’t merely about having an account on the different networks available. It requires a strategic formulation of content together with appropriately using the tools included in it such as sharing, retweeting, and using of hashtags to have proper customer engagement. If you’re not online savvy enough, we can guide you with everything you need to know in the digital field, from research, analytics to the development of techniques through our knowledge and offered services. Learn more!

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    Social media data can be used to change the face of brands. Businesses utilizing such data can optimize same for business decisions. I agree with the ideas shared here.

    Most importantly is the fact that social media data can be used to make appropriate response to the client. This helps the business to deliver solutions to the audience!

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