7 Tips to Succeed at Social Media Marketing

7 Tips to Succeed at Social Media Marketing

You did some social media moderation to monitor your posts and those who mentioned your brand. You never failed to create and publish posts on various social media sites to the point that you’re flooding it yet it seems all your team’s efforts, brainstorming, and creative juices were put into waste. You’ve been doing everything but it still lacks… something. What is it that is lacking, exactly??

Are you certain you’re still steering towards the right direction? Why is your brand still at the bottom of the pit even after the hard work you’ve put into it? The questions just keep on piling up and we know you need answers. Here are tips to successful social media marketing according to an article on iMedia Connection:

Choose the right channels for your brand

You’ve thought it was a wise decision to tune in to all channels for the sake of being social. However, not all channels were created equal for brands or companies. What if you’re barking at the wrong tree? VerticalResponse says you need to ask yourself four questions to be able to determine which platform you must focus on as stated below:

  1. What is the unique purpose of this platform?
  2. Do its attributes relate to my business’ needs?
  3. Which target audience does this platform serve?
  4. How much time on the network is necessary to have the best impact?

Based on what we’ve read above, it never told us to pick the most popular channel. It clearly stated that you must join a platform based on your business’ needs. The article also described the ‘personality’ of each social media site like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

For example, VerticalResponse states that Facebook “builds brand loyalty and reputation,” so it is a good place to start your social journey. Pinterest primarily caters to the female users only. You should post 3-4 times a day in Twitter to create the best impact. In addition, make a posting schedule based on what time or day your target audience usually is online. Timing your posts matters, too.

Be Consistent

iMedia Connection explained this as “creating a similar voice, messaging, and imagery across your social channels also provides clarity and harmony.” The other day, you sounded like an enthusiastic salesman, then this week you’re portraying a cool and laid-back advocate. This kind of switch will leave your audience scratching their heads in wonder or frustration.

If you want to be a trusted and respected authority in your chosen industry, be consistent. Find your own voice that will set you apart from the rest.

Be authentic with conversations


Source: socialmediaexaminer.com

Hold up! Refrain from clicking the checkbox right there. Instant or auto replies, as shown above, are ideal when you’re replying to a colleague or to whom you’re transacting business with. It is impersonal but professional-looking. On the other hand, to an ordinary social media user this is considered insincere and spam-like. Worst is you could be blocked by the user.

The primary reason social media sites were created was to connect with friends and family. It is geared towards establishing human connection that is why you should relate with them via your replies.  Humanize your replies and do not respond as if you’re like a mere bot. Empathize with your likers and fans.

Make it a habit to always respond to direct messages (inquiry or complaint) within an hour as advised by Social Media Examiner. It does not mean you should give answers right away because you must study and evaluate queries first so just acknowledge their inquiry and assure them you will later answer, as simple as that.

Inform or entertain

Yes, you’re using social media to create brand awareness and for marketing. However, as we’ve mentioned above, social media sites are not just designed for this matter. You should also build relationships and not focus on driving sales.

They are going to yawn in boredom and exit your page immediately the moment you try to pitch a sale or act like a salesman all the time. But when you post something informative and/or entertaining, expect them to be hooked on your page. This is where user engagement begins.

There are several ways to grab your audience’s attention and entertain them like appealing to curiosity, quirkiness, or humor—all of which, apart from building engagement, contributes to your brand’s identity. Some of these ways are through polls, quotes, statistics, memes, and giving advice. You can find more here but relatively, if you find a type of content engaging, chances are your audience will, too.

Take it offline

 Your Facebook wall is similar to an arena with millions of spectators so it is not a wise move to deal with your unhappy or unsatisfied customers on your wall because it becomes a public spectacle. It could create a dent on your company image if something goes awry.

Unfortunately, customers realized that the easiest way to voice out their complaints is via social media. They took advantage of this immensely. This is the ugly truth imparted by Jay Baer on his book entitled “Hug Your Haters: How to Minimize the Impact of Angry Customers.” He says there that “customers are always right, and they exercise actively and sometimes harshly in social media, where they voice or shout out their grievances and complaints about your brand.”

On a positive note, Baer says you should consider haters as an “early detection system for your business.” By listening to them, you may realize which products/services need to be improved.

You may control the incoming queries on your page through effective social media moderation.

Show gratitude

Social media moderation also lets you meet the ‘nice visitors’ of your page. These ‘nice visitors’ are your followers and brand advocates. These are the people who support and believe in your brand and you should shower them with love and appreciation. Well, a simple ‘thanks’ will suffice and it goes a long way. Never neglect them.

Another way to say ‘thank you’ is by sharing/retweeting the post or hitting the favorite/like button of the update. Or if you’re generous enough, you may give away online promo coupons to your loyal customers.

Always triple check

Are you familiar with the saying, “think before you click”? Check the links you share if it is still active. Check the grammar and spelling of your content. Check the source of your posts if it is legit or not. Check if your source is reputable. Always. Triple. Check.

Your social media efforts uplift your company’s morals, strengthen your brand image, make you more visible online and help you connect with your community. Make the best of it.

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