Infinit Datum Ranks This Year’s Super Bowl Advertisements

More than 100 million viewers watched the recent Super Bowl XLVII on CBS and more than 5 million people sent out tweets via micro blogging website Twitter during the telecast, according to market research firm Nielsen. Since it is the most watched television broadcast in the United States, it is expected for brands to take this opportunity to create materials that would capture a wide audience. However, spot costing has been reported to go as high as $3.8 million — the price that companies pay to reach a huge audience. But it seems that it is no longer enough to simply air advertisements through television nowadays, you must also bring it to the Internet.

The internet and social media have been both very useful in making campaigns and advertisements go viral, which is why we are not surprised that brands/companies like E-Trade (NASDAQ:ETFC), Budweiser and Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), among others, have uploaded their spots to Youtube and have spurred conversations in major social networking sites. In line with this, social media monitoring companies have also taken this opportunity to showcase their expertise in sentiment analysis as they study the market’s reactions toward the advertisements.

It is entertaining to see advertisements that are creative, humorous and/or sentimental and we would like to share them with you. Below, you will find 5 videos/spots that garnered the most number of online views.

Toyota – “Wish Granted”, 15,348,128 views

Samsung – “The Big Pitch”, 12,935,222 views

Volkswagen – “Get in. Get Happy.”, 11,812,908 views

Budweiser – “Brotherhood”, 10,590,040 views

Audi – “Prom”, 9,884,422 views

Quite a number of brands have used celebrities such as Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd (Samsung), Kate Upton, Usher and Willem Dafoe (Mercedes Benz), and Kaley Cuoco (Toyota) in their advertisements. It is noteworthy how the presence of these celebrities could have helped in increasing viewership, given that Samsung and Toyota has landed the first two places in the highest number of views. Mercedes Benz may not be in the top 5, but its 5 million views are not bad either.

Also, what may have contributed to the high number of views is the emotion that it lets their viewers feel. For example, Audi relates its product to real-life events, in this case, the prom, giving a sense of nostalgia, whereas the Volkswagen ad is more on a light-hearted note, evoking a happy feeling.

As for the social media comments the advertisements received, it was reported by Ad Age and Bluefin Labs that Dodge Ram Trucks’ ‘Farmer’ had the most number with 402,000 conversations in Twitter and public Facebook posts. However, the highest positive sentiment rating was for Tide’s ‘Miracle Stain’, with 58% positive feedback and just 5% negative feedback.

What do you think of the advertisements? What are your favorite and least favorite? Share it with us in the comments section! We are looking forward to hear your thoughts.

Author: Jamee C.

Written by Al Pangan

Al Pangan

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