We’ve entered a digital age where every business has to be online, whether to collaborate, to connect with customers, or to make sense out of available data. It’s quite impossible to imagine a business that doesn’t take advantage of the web in this digital age, so if you haven’t gone digital, Infinit Datum is here to assist you to the right direction.

Infinit Datum specializes in Digital Research and Analytics. Our team knows the ins and outs of the web, and has developed skills that will help your business achieve your goals. Our expertise covers a wide range of Digital Research and Analytics services such as Data Collection, Content Enhancement and Management, Social Media Analytics, Data Coding, Web Scraping, among others.

Every client has specific requirements, and every industry is different from the others. That’s why we customize our Digital Research and Analytics services according to our clients’ needs, making sure that every requirement is delivered efficiently and at reasonable costs.

Infinit Datum also provides Social Media Outsourcing services for brands and businesses such as Social Media Assessment, Reputation Management and Online Community Management.

We know that social media is the most effective platform to build your brand and interact with your customers. However, managing your own social networks can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Through our Social Media Outsourcing services, your business can work with outside specialists that would help run your social media accounts, allowing you to just focus on your core competencies. Our team of social media marketing specialists can cover odd times to answer customer inquiries.


Benefits of Infinit Datum’s Digital Research and Social Media Outsourcing services:


One-stop shop for Online Market Research

Infinit Datum is a one-stop shop for all your Online Market Research and statistical analysis needs. Whether you prefer to conduct a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) or web surveys, we can assist you and ensure you get the desired data you need. We combine the newest technology and our extensive expertise to provide professional solutions and cutting-edge online market research.

Infinit Datum can support your online surveys to be delivered on any platform – may it be on email, web and social media. Tell us your requirements and we design and implement a survey that is easy to accomplish, easy to distribute, and gets the data you’re looking for. Our questionnaire design only ask important and effective questions, ultimately improving your market research data.


Turnkey and structured research solutions for Digital Research and Social Media

Infinit Datum provides a turnkey digital research solutions and strategic consulting for businesses. We develop customizable research programs that will bring the market intelligence, lead generation and strategic planning that you desire.

Not all social media listening tools for monitoring and analytics are relevant. Our Digital Research and Social Media Outsourcing services utilize tools that give accurate customer insights. We listen to what your customers are saying; we analyze the data systematically; and then, use all the insights to know them better and improve your marketing strategy.

Infinit Datum’s Social Media Listening services are performed by experienced research professionals and not just by tech companies. We know automated sentiment analysis has the tendency to be inaccurate which is why our coding is done manually by human analysts, not machines.