2Sourcing Content is an important aspect of Digital Research and Analysis. Millions of content in various formats are added to the web each day, and acknowledging the content source is not only ethical, it also makes Digital Research and Analysis credible.

Whether you need data for website content, for customer profiling, or for whatever purpose it may serve, our Content Source Management services can provide the help you need.

Infinit Datum’s source department has been providing Source Management Services for over 4 years and has managed over 12,000 sources.  Serving various clients from different industries, we make sure that our clients’ specific requirements are met and delivered.





  • Source Identification 

  • Source Type Classification

    We have developed a comprehensive 8-stage process for adding and maintaining specific sources of interest for our clients based on predefined requirements.

    1. Mainstream News – pertains to Traditional Media
    2. PR – pertains to Press Release sites
    3. Trade Publication – pertains to specialty topic sites (ex. online magazine)
    4. Blog – pertains to Alternative Media content
    5. MB/Forum – pertains to Message Boards and Forums
    6. Micro Blogs – pertains 140 character service sites
    7. SNS – pertains to Social Networking Sites
    8. Image sites – such as Flickr & photobucket
    9. Video sites – such as YouTube & Metacafe

    The value in this is to provide article segregation to give clients the opportunity to see differences and/or similarities between Source Types.

  • Source Relevancy

    Classifying source relevance is done using a predefined set of criteria such as:

    1. Reputation – number of subscribers, quality of content, number of comments from readers.
    2. Topic Relevance – Articles on site mention defined company/industry or topic criteria
    3. Quantity – No of posts
    4. Author Credibility – Author provides own thoughts/opinion/comments, hence is an expert in the field/industry of topic and is NOT simply reposting the news.