3In many cases, businesses and individuals need a third party input in order to see the big picture and to get all angles covered. This is why some companies outsource their Insights and Reporting to experts, to get a broader understanding of the data on hand.

Reporting and Insights Generation is the culmination of any Content Management activity. This is the bottom line of all content aggregation, content enhancement, research, and analysis, and it matters greatly that the findings are presented effectively.

This may be the last leg of the process, but it can be overwhelming because of the amount of time it takes to create a concise and meaningful presentation. More than just outsourcing this type of requirement, businesses have to make sure that they outsource this to the right people.

Infinit Datum’s Content expert team has 4 years of experience delivering results efficiently and purposefully. And we know that each client has requirements that are different from the rest, so we make sure to tailor fit our services according to the clients’ needs.


  • Monitoring / Daily Reports

    Monitoring and Daily Reports can be daunting, and they sure consume a lot of time, which you can instead be spending on tasks that require your specific expertise. Outsourcing your monitoring and daily reports frees up your time significantly, and makes the process more efficient.Automating repetitive tasks like this also minimizes errors, allowing you to do your job even better. Infinit Datum’s digital team has been doing these tasks for years, for various clients in different industries. Outsourcing your Monitoring / Daily Reports to us will assure you of timely delivery of reports, at reduced costs.

  • Social Media Assessment

    In this digital age, Social Media plays a vital role in business development, customer profiling, customer service, sales and marketing, among others. Time spent on Social Media has been growing significantly, and should therefore be assessed for effectiveness and value.Infinit Datum has the ability and the tools to assess your Social Media presence, how your company benefits from it, and what you can do to improve your campaigns. Outsourcing your Social Media Assessment to us does not only save you time and money, it also assures you that you’re getting expert-level performance metrics that will ultimately alter the way you do business moving forward.

  • Brand Health

    How does the world see your brand? Does your target market even know your brand? Branding in this digital age has tremendous effects on online reputation, customer relationship building, and overall sales. These days, literally everyone has the power to create damage (or add to the fame) with just a few clicks.That being said, businesses (and individuals) have to make sure that their brand health is being managed properly and assessed periodically.

    Infinit Datum has the tools to assess your Brand Health and the general consensus of the consumers about your brand. Outsourcing this to us does not only save you time and money, it also gives you access to Brand Marketing experts who have a wealth of knowledge in this subject matter as they have been doing it for years.