4Whether online or offline, Public Relations is an essential aspect of a company’s marketing initiatives, transparency, and customer acquisition. In most cases, PR is ad hoc, and many companies don’t need a Public Relations person full-time or in-house. That said, outsourcing their Public Relations requirements is a more practical and strategic choice.

Infinit Datum has a team of Public Relations experts who are passionate about broadening your consumer reach and retaining your current customer base. Over the years we’ve developed tried-and-tested ways to do this, and have built connections with various sites and channels that we can readily tap for your needs.





  • Reputation Management

    Thanks to technology, consumers are empowered more than ever to speak out their thoughts about brands, products, and services. And while this is mostly beneficial for the consumers, this also means that companies have to be alert and aware of what their customers say about them.Infinit Datum provides Reputation Management services at reduced costs. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop tools and learn techniques that make this process more efficient for our clients.

    Outsource your Reputation Management to us and you can be assured that we will provide you insights that will improve the way you deal with your customers online or offline, resulting to a more healthy reputation for your brand.

  • Online Community Management

    Online is the way to the future, we often hear or say. Online is where the consumers are, and businesses have all been utilizing this medium to market themselves, acquire new customers, and retain clients.Building your community online has not only been proven effective and strategic, essentially, it makes your job easier for you too. By building an Online Community and managing it properly, you can build relationships with your customers, strategize ways to make them happy, and in turn acquire more sales.

    Infinit Datum offers Online Community Management services to help your company get to the right direction. Whether you’re just starting to build your online presence, or you need someone to manage it for you, Infinit Datum makes sure that the services we offer you are tailored to meet your specific needs.