While social media is a relatively new industry, it has taken every other industry by storm through its own rules, from etiquette to marketing, and now, including analytics as well!

It can be overwhelming to know more and understand everything about social media marketing. Hence, this resource guide gives everything a business, either a start-up or a large company, or a marketer/professional needs to know to get their social media marketing running efficiently.


Chapter 1: Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools


Chapter 2: Must-Read Social Media Blogs

Must Read Social Media Blogs


Social Media Analysis

Chapter 3: Top 30 Social Media Influencers to Follow

Social Media Influencers


Chapter 4: Social Media Guides

Social Media Guides

    1. Getting Started with Social Media: A Resource Guide (Social Media Examiner)
    2. IBM Social Computing Guidelines
    3. BBC Editorial Guidelines
    4. Intel Social Media Guidelines
    5. Mashable: The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media
    6. Kodak’s Social Media Tips
    7. SAP Social Media Participation Guidelines
    8. Q&A with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh
    9. Emory University 2013 Social Media Strategy and Guidelines
    10. Social Media Guidelines for Communicators
    11. The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing
    12. 5 Ways Business Can Optimize Social Data
    13. 65 Social Media Infographics that will Improve your Online Marketing
    14. 65 Outsourcing Resources and Guides to Growing Your Business
    15. Infinit-O’s Social Media Analysis

Chapter 5: Social Media Conferences to Attend

Social Media Conferences

  1. Social Media Strategies Summit
  2. Social Media Week
  3. Summit The Digital Marketing Experience
  4. Social Media Marketing World
  5. The Media Revolution
  6. Social Tools Summit
  7. AMPlify 2015 – The Employee Advocacy Conference in Waltham
  8. Social Media Camp
  9. Maximizing Social Media for Professionals and Business
  10. The Social Shake-Up Europe 2015
  11. The Corporate Social Media Summit
  12. Content Marketing World
  13. Inbound 2015
  14. Dreamforce
  15. B2B 2015 Marketing Forum
  16. Public Sector Social Media 2015
  17. Impact 2015: MRS Annual Conference
  18. ASCD Annual Conference Daily: Social Media Branding 101

This comprehensive guide is intended to be a go-to resource for anyone who wants to learn about social media marketing, apply basic principles, identify thought leaders to keep abreast with trends, and expand their expertise by attending continuing education conferences dedicated to the industry.


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    Hi , great lists. That will be useful.
    As its CEO may I suggest you to have a look at which is a unique Facebook Groups analytics tool ? I am sure it has its place in the list.
    thanks and have a great day.

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